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Computing-related fields are expected to grow much faster than the overall job market through the end of the decade. Plus, almost everything we come in contact with today has some sort of computing connection. That fact leads experts to predict that consumers’ dependence on computers will only increase in the future. Those same experts are saying that the U.S. will need at least 135,000 computing professionals a year, yet America’s universities are graduating only 49,000 annually. Simple math and the law of supply and demand tells us that there are some nice, high-income jobs with plenty of room for advancement to be had in the computer science and engineering fields.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers B.S. programs in computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering as well as Master’s and Ph.D. programs in computer science. Our primary research areas are artificial intelligence, computer security and forensics, high performance computing, software engineering, and visualization & computer graphics.

CSE faculty members are progressive. Their research projects earn the reputations of “pushing the envelope” and “cutting edge” because they pursue and are awarded research grants from a number of different federal funding agencies and private industries to support their projects with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. An advantage for our students is that they work side-by-side with our faculty, collaborating with respected scientists from around the world in a wide range of disciplines. These collaborations cultivate the broader view of scientific partnerships needed in today’s world.

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CSE has one of the top computer security scholarship programs in the nation. In addition to scholarships and financial aid support, we offer students an opportunity to earn on-the-job experience before they graduate. Our university’s outstanding cooperative education program provides students with the opportunity to pursue an education while also gaining experience in the profession. Graduates from our programs have been placed in a number of companies and federal agencies across the nation as well as a variety of academic institutions. They have also been successful at being admitted to outstanding graduate programs at other universities.




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