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Non-CSE courses may count toward a graduate degree in computer science.

Programs of Study (i.e. courses that count) for graduate degrees in computer science (M.S. or Ph.D.) are approved by your Graduate Committee, as being appropriate for a computer-science degree. Naturally, most of the courses on a Program of Study have the CSE prefix. However, a Committee may approve non-CSE courses that they view as being appropriate. Such exceptions are common.

Get approval from your major professor prior to registering for any non-CSE course.

Do not assume a non-CSE course will be approved for your CS degree. If the course is unusual for a computer-science degree, the major professor may want to get prior approval from your Committee. Prior approval will assure that you are not surprised by disapproval after you take the course.

Always get the permission of the instructor prior to registering for a non-CSE course.

Instructors often waive prerequisites. It is often necessary for a course's home department to grant you a Prerequisite override or a Major override to allow you to register.


The following are catalog descriptions of non-CSE courses that might be relevant to a graduate degree in computer science.