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Repeat Policy

With the approval of the Graduate Coordinator and the Dean of the College of Engineering, a student may repeat one course per degree. This policy applies to all courses (even those not on the program of study) taken as a graduate student related to a specific program, and only to those courses taken at Mississippi State University. With the exception of those courses approved for repeated credit (e.g., internships, special topics, individual studies, thesis, dissertation, etc.), a specific course may be repeated only once. Both courses will remain on the permanent transcript and both grades will be computed in final averages. No additional program credit hours will be generated from a repeated course.

Academic probation

Once admitted to the graduate program in Computer Science, a student who fails to maintain a satisfactory academic record will be considered to be on academic probation. A graduate GPA will be computed for each student at the end of each semester. The student's graduate GPA is the average of all graduate courses attempted while in the computer science graduate program.


At the beginning of each semester the departmentís Graduate Studies Committee will evaluate the records of all Computer Science graduate students currently on probation, as well as students making a grade of D, F, or U during the previous semester. The Graduate Studies Committee will consider recommending that the Dean of the College of Engineering dismiss a student enrolled in a graduate program in Computer Science if:

Appeals process

A student who has been dismissed from the Computer Science graduate program has the right to appeal the dismissal.