Departmentally Approved Electives

International/Intercultural Studies: (3 hours) - Applies to students under the Fall 2015 curriculum. 6 hours are required for students under curricula prior to that.

Students may select one course across categories.

Since many of the International/Intercultural Studies courses have prerequisites, students should choose their Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences electives carefully so as to have the appropriate prerequisites for the IIS course that they wish to take.

Participation in the Summer Study Abroad program offered through the Foreign Languages department may satisfy part or all of the CS course requirements. Interested students should obtain details from the Foreign Languages department. Students who plan to satisfy IIS requirements via participation in the Summer Study Abroad program should consult their advisor to determine the amount of credit that may be obtained through this program.

In addition to the International/Intercultural Studies course, each student also must take one Fine Arts course, two Humanities courses, and two Social Science courses (University Core Curriculum requirements), for a total of at least 18 hours of coursework.

International electives for CS majors: Students may choose any 3 hours from this listing.


Any Foreign Language course
AN 1143Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AN 1343Introduction to Biological Anthropology
AN 2203 (same as SO 2203)Cultural and Racial Minorities
AN 3323 (same as SO 3323)Contemporary Woman
AN 4403 (same as EN 4403 and FL 4403)Introduction to Linguistics
AN 4623 (same as EN 4623 and SO 4623)Language and Culture
AN 4633 (same as EN 4633 and SO 4633)Sociolinguistics
CO 4203Nonverbal Communication
CO 4273Intercultural Communication
GR 2013Cultural Geography
PS 1313Introduction to International Relations
PS 1513Comparative Government
REL 3213World Religions: Part I
REL 3223World Religions: Part II
SO 4113Social Organization and Change
AN 3533 (old: AN 4533)Rise of Civilization
HI 4363 (old: HI 4803)Afro-American History and Culture
AN 3540 (old: AN 2540) (same as REL 2540)Archaeological Travel and Participation Program (1- 6 hours)
SO 4403Sociology of Gender
EN 3513Women and Literature
EN 4343African American Literature


AN 4163Anthropology of International Development
EC 4323International Economic Relations
GR 1123Introduction to World Geography
lB 3913Principles of International Business
PS 4313Principles of International Law
PS 4323International Organization
PS 4333Theories of International Relations
PS 4343International Conflict and Security
PS 4393The Global Context
PS 4623Politics of the Third World
SO 4223Comparative Family Systems
AN 3113 (old: AN 2113)Societies of the World
EN 2273World Literature Before 1600
EN 2283World Literature After 1600

GR 4223Geography of Europe
PS 4553West European Politics
HI 4603 (old: HI 4423)Medieval Civilization
HI 4643 (old: HI 4443)Renaissance and Reformation
HI 4673 (old: HI 4523)Europe, 1789- 1914
HI 4683 (old: HI 4533)Europe: The First World War to Hitler
HI 4693 (old: HI 4543)Europe: The Second World War to the Common Market

Classical and Romance Language Countries 
FL 4143Classical Mythology
HI 4413Ancient Greece and Rome
HI 4773History of Modern France
ART 3143 (old: ART 2143)Italian Renaissance Art History
ART 3623Art in France 1850 - 1900
ART 3663Medieval Stained Glass
ART 3683Art and Religion

HI 3743History of England
HI 4713Tudor and Stuart England
HI 4723Britain Since 1688
EN 470316th Century Eng Lit
EN 471317th Century Eng Lit
EN 4723Brit Lit/Cult 1600 - 1700
EN 4733Brit Lit/Cult 18th Century
EN 464318th Century British Novel
EN 465319th Century British Novel

HI 3763Hitler and Nazi Germany
HI 4763History of Modern Germany

HI 4753History of Russia
GR 4243Geography of Russia (old: Geography of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics)

North America 
AN 3123North American Indians
AN 3523North American Archaeology
GR 4203Geography of North America
HI 4383Native Am Hist since 1830

Latin America 
AN 3133Latin American Anthropology
GR 4213Geography of Latin America
HI 3813 (old: HI 2313)Modern Latin America
HI 4843 (old: HI 4343)Latin- American Republics
HI 4853 (old: HI 4353)Modern Mexico

GR 4253Geography of Africa
PS 4543African Politics
HI 4793Modern Africa
HI 4783African Civilization

Near East 
AN 3553 (same as REL 3553)Near Eastern Archaeology
HI 4403 (old: HI 4403) (same as REL 4403)The Ancient Near East
GR 4283Geog of Islamic World

Far East 
GR 4233Geography of Asia
HI 4903 The Far East
REL 3453 Hinduism and Buddhism
PS 4573South and Southeast Asian Politics
HI 4583China Since 1800
HI 4593Japan Since 1600