Prospective Students - [ Undergraduate Studies - Computer Science Electives ]


Computer Science Electives:

CSE 3183 Systems Programming (Sporadic)

CSE 3213 SE Senior Project I (Fall)

CSE 3223 SE Secnior Project II (Spring)

CSE 4000++ Directed Individual Study (As Needed)

CSE 4153 Data Communications and Computer Networks (Spring/Fall)

CSE 4163 Designing Parallel Algorithms (Sporadic)

CSE 4214 Introduction to Software Engineering (Spring/Fall/Summer)

CSE 4233 Software Architecture and Design (Fall)

CSE 4243 Information and Computer Security (Fall/Spring)

CSE 4273 Introduction to Computer Forensics (Fall)

CSE 4283 Software Testing and QA (Spring)

CSE 4413 Principles of Computer Graphics (Fall)

CSE 4504 Database Management Systems (Fall)

CSE 4623 Computational Biology (Sporadic)

CSE 4633 Artificial Intelligence (Fall)

CSE 4653 Cognitive Science (Sporadic)

CSE 4663 Human-Computer Interaction (Sporadic)

CSE 4723 Compiler Construction (Sporadic)

CSE 4743 Operating Systems II (Sporadic)

CSE 4990 Special Topics in CSE (Sporadic)


++ No more than six hours of directed individual study may be counted as CS Electives.