Prospective Students - [ Undergraduate Studies - Humanities Electives ]



***The requirements on this page are for students that entered in Fall 2004 or later.***

Humanities: (6 hours)

ARC 2313 History of Architecture I HI 1073 Modern U.S. History
ARC 3313 History of Architecture II HI 1163 World History Before 1500
ARC 3323 History of Architecture III HI 1173 World History Since 1500
EN 2203 Introduction to Literature HI 1223 Modern Western World
EN 2213 English Literature PHI 1103 Introduction to Philosophy
EN 2223 English Literature PHI 1113 Introduction to Logic
EN 2243 American Literature PHI 1123 Introduction to Ethics
EN 2253 American Literature PHI 3023 History of Western Philosophy: Part I
EN 2273 World Literature PHI 3033 History of Western Philosophy: Part II
EN 2283 World Literature PHI 2133 Introduction of Aesthetics
FL* 1113;1114 Elementary Foreign Language REL 1103 Introduction to Religion
FL* 1123;1124 Elementary Foreign Language REL 3213 World Religions: Part I
FL* 2133;2143 Intermediate Foreign Language REL 3223 World Religioins: Part II
HI 1213 Early Western World  
HI 1063 Early U.S. History

* French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Rusian, and Spanish