Nan Niu NIU is an OX my name in Chinese

all that matters   Assistant Professor  
  Box 9637
  , MS 39762

  Phone:   +1.662.325.7514
  Fax:       +1.662.325.8997

  Ph.D. (2004-2009) )
  M.Sc. (2001-2004) )
  Programmer (1999-2001) , Beijing, China
  B.Eng. (1995-1999) , Beijing, China

I recently received an NSF CAREER Award and moved to the University of Cincinnati. My new site is up (refresh your browser please).


My current research interests focus on the information seeking strategies that developers use in software development. My research group investigates how the task environment and the information environment re-shape developers' behaviors, or more accurately, how the developers' behaviors and their environments co-evolve, each shaping the other in important ways. This view was presented in the NIER Track at ICSE 2011. Our recent requirements tracing study along this line of research will be presented in ICSE 2013.



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