Assistantships and Tutoring

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships and Tutoring

An undergraduate teaching assistantship and tutoring involves teaching other undergraduate students in the courses that you have previously completed and aced it. This will be a paid position.

If you are interested in above position then please fill out the form at: Undergraduate Teaching and Tutoring Request Form

Each student needs to apply at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. The precedence will be given on a first come first serve basis. This will be a semester long commitment.

There are two requirements for us to consider you for this position:
1. You need to be a student in the department of Computer Science & Engineering
2. You need to have Aced the courses that you are applying for as the student need to show mastery over the course in order to be able to teach other students.

Teaching Assistantships

A teaching assistantship in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering pays a salary and provides a tuition waiver of 100% of tuition and fees.

Submit a TA application form to apply for Teaching Assistantships in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Teaching assistantship selection will begin after February 1 for Summer or Fall semester admission, and after October 1 for Spring semester admission.

A teaching assistantship application will be considered only after an applicant has been admitted.

The Department Head selects Teaching Assistants. Openings may arise throughout the months prior to the beginning of classes.


Research Assistantships

Each faculty member selects his/her own Research Assistants (RA). You may email faculty members whose research area is similar to your interests. Alternatively you could choose to submit a RA application form . The list of all current accepted applicants is sent to all faculty from time to time, so that they are aware of your application. Openings may arise throughout the year, as funds become available.

Many computer science graduate students find assistantships in other departments around the campus where their knowledge and skills are needed. However, we do not coordinate opportunities in other departments. Each department has its own assistantship process.

This application applies only to our department. Other departments in the University have their own assistantship process.

Teaching Assistantships for Outstanding New Graduate Students

CSE Department's Graduate Studies Committee will award a few Teaching Assistant (TA) positions to outstanding new graduate students annually.

The TA offer will include financial support for one semester, consisting of 100% of tuition and fees plus a stipend at the department's current rate for first time teaching assistants.

Renewal for a second semester (Fall/Spring) as a TA will be based on satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance of TA duties.

There will be no further renewals after the second academic year. We expect students to find other financial support for the remainder of their studies, typically a Research Assistant (RA) position.

Financial support decisions will begin March 15 under this competition.

All admitted applicants will be considered.

We recommend that an applicant submit a complete admission application package by February 15.

We have a year-round continuous process for admission decisions, which is completely separate from the process for selection of teaching assistants.

The CSE Department Head will select all other Teaching Assistants, some of whom may be new graduate students. See the application form above.

Information Security Scholarships

The United States government offers scholarships to citizens who want a career as computer security/information assurance professionals employed by the government. The following link has more information about this program at MSU.

Security Scholarship information


Fellowships are awarded by the Bagley College of Engineering to a few Ph.D. students of the college. Applications are submitted by faculty members.