Virtual Desktop (VD)

What is a virtual desktop?

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables users to remotely access virtual computers without requiring significant resources on their local devices. The virtual desktop runs on a server maintained by the Computer Science and Engineering Department, allowing users to connect and use the virtual desktop from anywhere.

Why use a virtual desktop?

  • Accessibility: Virtual desktops can be accessed from any machine, enabling remote access to data and resource-heavy programs.
  • University Management: Managed by the university, which makes it compatible with exclusive software available only on university-owned devices.
  • Scalability: Leveraging our server-grade hardware, virtual desktops can tap into available resources, ensuring the smooth operation of resource-intensive programs. Additional resources, such as RAM or VRAM, can be seamlessly incorporated as needed.

Who can access these resources?

This service is offered to all faculty, staff, and students within the Computer Science and Engineering Department, including undergraduates, online students, and graduate students.

How can I access a virtual desktop?

FAQ - about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)