Bully Hack 2020

Bully Hack was a Major League Hacking sanctioned hackathon on January 11-12. 25 teams competed from schools throughout the US. The hackathon was MSU student organized and managed by the leadership team of: Justin Smith (computer science), Mary Lee (biomedical engineering), Holiday Garrison (computer engineering), Ryan Hopson (computer engineering), and Meilun Zhou (computer engineering).

Overall winners were as follows:
First Place: Project Orator, team members Holt Hunter and Harrison Hunter, MSU computer engineering, Samuel Watson, UAB computer science, and Abdul Yafai, MSU computer science.

Second Place: Project Privacy Protector, team members Kevin Liao, MSU computer engineering and Leith Karzon, MSU computer science.

Third place: Project Open Source Security, team members Wil Permenter, MSU software engineering, Stephen Jones, Mississippi Coding Academy.

Category winners included:
Web: Project Direct your essay, team members Aditya Singhal, Georgia Tech computer science, Daegan Appel, MSU computer engineering, Laith Qushair, Auburn electrical engineering.

Mobile: Project common clipboard, team members Zach Rayburn, MSU computer science and Will Parker, MSU software engineering

Game: Project Shatter, team members Clark Hensley, MSU computer science, Elijah Magee, MSU software engineering, Joshua Gibbons, MSU computer science.