At the beginning of each semester the department’s Graduate Studies Committee will evaluate the records of all Computer Science graduate students currently on probation, as well as students making a grade of D, F, or U during the previous semester. The Graduate Studies Committee will consider recommending that the Dean of the College of Engineering dismiss a student enrolled in a graduate program in Computer Science if:

  • The student was admitted with a TOEFL contingency and fails to make satisfactory progress towards completion of the appropriate English as a Second Language sequence of courses.
  • The student was admitted with contingencies due to deficiencies in prerequisite coursework and fails to make satisfactory progress toward completion of the prerequisites.
  • The student is on academic probation and is unable to meet all requirements for good academic standing by the completion of the next nine credit hours of progress toward the degree.
  • The student makes a grade of D or F in a graduate or undergraduate course attempted while in the graduate program in Computer Science.
  • The student receives a grade of U in an S/U graded course.
  • The student violated the Student Honor Code.

In addition to the above, the University will automatically dismiss a student for the following reasons barring exceptional circumstances:

  • The student received a second course grade of D or lower;
  • The student received a fourth course grade of C or lower;
  • The student is found to be responsible for violating the Student Honor Code for a second time;
  • The student was placed on academic probation and failed to meet the requirements for release from probationary status; or
  • The student failed a comprehensive examination or final thesis/dissertation defense two times in pursuit of an academic degree

Students who are dismissed may appeal the decision.