A minor is defined by the Office of Graduate Studies as a block of course work completed in any department, other than the major department, approved for masters or doctoral programs.

An M.S. student in Computer Science may obtain a minor by meeting the requirements specified in the Graduate Studies Bulletin. At least 9 hours of course work are required for the minor and the minor professor serves as a member of the students graduate committee. The courses included in the minor can be applied to the degree requirements for the M.S. if approved by all committee members and if all other degree requirements are also met.

A minor for Ph.D. students in computer science is optional. The minor requirements (usually four graduate courses) are in addition to those required in the major area and must be approved by the minor professor. The minor professor serves as a member of the student's graduate committee.

The University also has the following additional rules.

  • A minor cannot use coursework completed at another institution.
  • A minor cannot use coursework from a prior degree.
  • If the minor area is interdisciplinary, courses do not have to be cross-listed.
  • Minor coursework must conform to the same time limit as other courses on the program of study.